Sunday, October 4, 2009


two songs:

bundanong’s song

kangaroos jump through the fences at Bundanon
you turn around and when you look back the roos are gone

Arthur Boyd painting in his studio at Bundanon
he gave it to the nation and that’s how come I can sing this song

kookaburras laugh their heads off at Bundanon
they look pretty silly flying around with no heads on

toss up my hat cause I’m so happy at Bundanon
you can see me running down the hill to the river
chasing it along

kitten in pyjamas

for children and adults

looked in my bedroom and what did I see?
there was a kitten in pyjamas looking back at me
she was a kitten in pjyamas
she was a kitten in pjyamas
a kitten in pjyamas
and you know what I mean!

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